Left Out with Left of Centre

Left Out is a smoldering cauldron of unabashed musical expression and its subsequent demise in the hands of corporate tyranny.

Below we display the audio thievery of suburban hip hoppers DJ Nessuno and DJ Fat Tongue as well as a constantly updated list of corporate sell-outs. Every revolution has a voice; the 248's got rhythm too. And for the record, Fat Tongue is not interested in pursuing a "professional" career as a suburban rapper, so please refrain from contract inquiries. He hates you. And so do we.

Outs and Shouts
Fat Tongue's Music Video
Fat Tongue Eats What?
Fat Tongue's Hit Single
Bruce vs. Anger Management (Thanks MN)
LOC Sell-Out & Thieves List
Nessuno's 25-minute Boinkfest of Utter Crap