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LeftofCentre (LOC) is an equal opportunity destroyer. We will stop at nothing to ensure that the unhappiness bestowed upon us in our lives is propagated to each and every one of you. We encourage depression, suicide, drug abuse, self-mutilation and eating disorders. We are not responsible for anything; unless you liked it, then cool, that was ours; if you did not like it, then we are just kidding, not ours.

In all seriousness, the creators of these pages (anything on leftofcentre.org) and any links it may lead to hereby take no responsibility or liability for anything that happens as a result of viewing these pages or anything contained in subsequent pages. Users read at their own risk. It is NOT recommended that the user do anything described in this and/or subsequent pages. Doing so may result in various problems, including: arrest, injury, and/or death.

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