LOC Destructions Presents: Contemporary Archetypes of Transformation

Contemporary Archetypes of Transformation serves as a snapshot into the process of self actualization and individuation as detailed by the 20th Century Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Yung. Through the playful examination of a collection of popular culture's psychological symbols and archetypes, the video flirts with semiotic notions of the collective unconscious, identity, and personal presentation in a complex contemporary environment saturated with viral video, over-stimulating media, commodification of self, and fervent evangelism. To this end, the video fuses these images and archetypes together fostering a collection of invented memories and interpretations as if the psyche had just organized an amassing of varied experiences. Watch other short films at the Left Of Centre Destructions Theatre.

Left of Centre Destructions is an independent film production company. LOC writes, directs, produces and acts in award-missing independent films.

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