About Left of Centre

LOC is a full-service consulting firm specializing in public affairs, government relations, business development, strategic communications and coalition building. We work around our clients to craft unnecessary yet creative solutions to irrelevant challenges. Our foolproof propaganda breeds change like cats.

LOC was founded in 1999 by Mr. Nessuno. The website and the four agencies have been active since January of 2002. For more information on the impressive history of LOC and its founding member, please see the History of LOC.

Left of Centre's Four Agencies

LOC utilizes film, audio compositions, web and print design, and electric shock treatments to emancipate its clients. LOC is comprised of four intertwined agencies:

LOC Destructions: an independent film production company
Left Lane: a grassroots movement to reinstate courteous and efficient driving practices
Left Out: a musical ensemble of suburban hip-hop and electronic boinkfesting
Left Alone: an artists' collective with a focus on experimental writing and guerilla art

Left of Centre's Organizational Structure

The President and Chief Executive of LOC is Mr. Nessuno. Because he is wanted for revolutionary discourse and mass seduction, Mr. Nessuno's appearance and true identity are kept secret from the general public.

LOC has two full time staff members of indeterminate quality and lackluster character; their hideous pictures are posted everywhere. The primary function of Mr. Nessuno's lackeys is to act as shameless figureheads in the promotion of each and every Mr. Nessuno endeavor.

In addition, LOC employs dozens of operatives across the United States and abroad. Currently, members are found everywhere from the streets of Detroit to the Mountains of Colorado and the Piazze of Rome; together these men and women constitute the Ministers of Propaganda.

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